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Oh Child,

I saw it coming, that thing that knocked you off your feet. I was there. Waiting. Waiting for you to grab onto Me.

In the chaos, in the shock, your natural instinct was to grab onto what you could see happening in front of you. I watched as you pulled it close. You tightened your grip on it as if you had the power to make everything alright.

You held onto it ... instead of holding onto Me.

I watched as you held it so close that it consumed your vision and became your focus. So much so, that you lost sight of Me, your lifeline, the great I AM. The great I AM who is still standing next to you, waiting for you to quit scrambling to control and fix things. Waiting for you to surrender it to Me.

Child, I'm a good Father. I see the full picture, the finished tapestry. I'm asking you to trust Me once again. Trust My love for you, and My love for others. You and I have history and you know I am faithful. Do you think I will let you down? Do you not trust Me to give it the attention it deserves? Have you forgotten that I work all things out for good and for My glory?

Surrender it and hold onto Me. Let Me replace your fear of the unknown with My love, My comfort, and My peace.

Fully let go. Give it to Me. I am here, waiting. Waiting for you to grab onto Me.

All My love,


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