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Lift your face, Child. Feel the light of My Presence. Let the sun warm your heart. Let the wind dry your tears.

Do not be dismayed by the imperfect mess you see around you. Focus on Me. I am with you, and I am doing something beautiful in that heart of yours.

I AM the Gardener. I don't mind messes. I never have and never will. That circumstance that seems so hard, I've been using it to turn the soil. To soften it, to rid the weeds. I've been tilling it to plant new seeds. Seeds of Hope. Seeds of Truth. Seeds of Promise.

I never waste an experience. What you are going through now is becoming fertilizer for the growth of tomorrow. So let's get our hands dirty. Together. Let's get to the root of some weeds. There is freedom in weed pulling. Don't be afraid of it. Embrace it. Pulling out the weeds allows room for better things to grow ... like flowers and trees that bear fruit, nourish, and shade others in time of need.

I'm right here, right in the middle of the mess, in the thick of it all. It's where I love to be. Right here. Beside you. I will till, you can pull ... and hand those weeds over to Me. Together, we will work the soil. We will plant beautiful trees that bring forth life in due season. A season that will be fruitful. Better than today.

Lift your face, Child. Lift your face to Mine.

All My love,


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