Hello My beautiful child,

I see you have a lot of lists today.

Grocery list

Bills to pay

Errands to run

People to call

Chores to do

Lists can help you. They keep you organized and help you get things accomplished. I'm inviting you to lay aside your lists ... to hit the pause button for just a few moments longer, and sit with Me in the quiet. I have something special to share with you.

I want to show you My lists. Although My lists aren't needed to help Me remember, it brings joy to My heart to make them. Here are a few of My favorites.

I call them My Top 5.

Top 5 Things To Do Today:

  1. Send you this love note.

  2. Work on answering your prayers.

  3. Release more of My peace into your heart.

  4. Assure you that I am near.

  5. Remind you how much I love you.

Top 5 Things You Do That Make Me Smile:

  1. You taking time to read My love notes.

  2. You telling Me you love Me too.

  3. You praying to Me and asking for My help.

  4. You spending time with Me and those you hold dear.

  5. You appreciating and doing kind things for others around you.

Top 5 Things I Love About You:

  1. You are My Masterpiece, My perfect design.

  2. You are a beautiful and unique expression of Me.

  3. You speak words of kindness and encourage others.

  4. You help others who are in need.

  5. You have my smile.

Yes, I know all about lists. As you go about your day marking things off of your lists, know ... that you are on Mine to bless today.

All My Love,

Papa God

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