My Dear One,

I know the glitz and glam of this world can be contagious. I see it all from My vantage point. The twinkling of power, prestige, and position. These things can give the illusion that they are your purpose. Affirmations from others can fill you with confidence. Material possessions and money try to convince you that they are your security. I see it all. The people, the things, the talents, and positions ... raised above Me; put on intricate, human-made pedestals, which will crumble over time.

Sometimes shifts happen slowly and subtly, and before you know it, something or someone else has been given My rightful place in your life. My sweet child, I know you didn't mean to scoot Me aside.Come, take My hand and walk with Me as we begin the process of reflection. So I can lovingly reveal to you the things that have shifted and the pedestals that have been erected. Allow Me to give you a glimpse through My eyes of truth. Together, let's begin taking down the pedestals that shouldn't be there so I can once again have My rightful place.

For when I am in My rightful place, your focus will be on Me ... the One in which you find your true identity, purpose, and fulfillment. When I am in My rightful place, you'll see the One who loves you unconditionally, the One who is your rock and your security, and the One who holds all the resources that you need in the palm of My hand.

All My love,

Papa God

Matthew 6:33 But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.

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