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Hello Dear One,

I've been missing you, here in the stillness. I have so much to share with you, but our long conversations, have recently turned to a few short minutes here and there. My child, what is keeping you distracted and away from me lately? Is it duties that are fighting for your attention? Is it family and friends soaking up your time? Is it the doing of good intentions that have gotten in the way?

Are they more important than Me? Are they more important than you? Oh, child. Our time together is essential. Come, sit for a long while and let Me remind you how time with Me lifts your weary soul and fills your heart with hope. Let me remind you that I AM your Constant when things around you change. Let me remind you that I AM the Peace in the center of your storm when the waves rock your boat. I AM your Voice of Truth when you're struggling with self-doubt. I AM the Sharer of Wisdom when you don't know what to do. I AM the One who reminds you that you are of value and worth when others imply differently.

I AM the One that the demands of life and other voices will try to drown out. Guard our time dear one. It is too precious to lose. Sit with me this week and let me show you what to let go of and what to re-prioritize. I miss you, and you need time with me just as I needed time with Father while I was on earth.

Time together is important. I AM the Constant that feeds your soul. I AM the One who will give you what you need for the day for I know what is coming and the way in which you should go.

Come to me. Let's quiet your mind so you can hear My voice and gentle words of love. I AM Your Constant. Forever Faithful. Forever Worthy. Forever True.

All My Love,

Jesus Luke 5:16 ...Jesus Himself would often slip away to the wilderness and pray.

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