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My Beloved,

This desire, this need you have to be loved comes from the very deepest part of your being. For I created you to be loved. You are My beloved, and I created you with the capacity to receive My unconditional love.

When you receive My pure love, you can love Me as I created you to. You can love yourself as I love you. You can love others from My never-ending source of love.

Trust Me with your heart and receive My love. It is the only love that does not disappoint and satisfies completely. Let My love bubble up inside of you. Let it saturate your mind and your soul. Let it permeate every cell within you.

Rest in My love, dear one.

My love brings fulfillment. My love brings healing. My love brings hope. My love calls you into the stillness, into the deep. Into the deep where you can experience more of My love, more of Me and My goodness. Into the stillness where you can hear how I, in love, continue to shape you from every word I say you are.

When you are in My love, you see yourself as I see you. Beautiful. Worthy. Strong. Radiant. My Beloved.

When the world around you changes, My love remains the same. Ever Constant. Ever Present. Ever Faithful.

You are made to receive love, and to be loved. You, My dear one, are My beloved.

Forever Yours,


You are altogether beautiful, my darling; there is no flaw in you. (Sol. 4:7)

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