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My Child,

I see that look on your face. The one you get when you're in a group wondering where you belong.

Oh, child. In those times, close your eyes and picture Me. Picture Me standing next to you. Then you will see Me, and you will know, that you are exactly where you belong.

You belong right next to Me.

When you are close to Me, you draw upon My strength and can hear more clearly what I'm saying. When you are next to Me, I can share insight into who around you needs My encouragement, My hope, My love.

Not everyone is as they seem. People hide behind masks of all kinds. They are afraid to let people know how they feel or what they are thinking in fear of being judged. But that is not who you are. You are not a judge, but one who chooses to love.

Dear one, you are not there by coincidence. I put you there to be a light, to make a difference. You, with Me, can be the one to turn someone's dark thoughts into hope. To let them know someone cares and sees them as a person. Your words can bring healing to a troubled heart and peace to one's soul.

You are exactly where you are supposed to be.

Go with purpose, child. Shine bright.

For you belong ... right next to Me.

All My Love,


Even so, let your light shine ... Matthew 5:16

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