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My Dear One,

Thank you for bringing everything to Me. Thank you for trusting Me with the delicate places of your life. For trusting Me even though you don’t always know the reason or understand why things are happening the way they are.

This earthly life is one of both love and loss. When you suffer a loss of any kind, I am here to comfort you, hold you as you grieve, and heal your heart with time.

It may feel like you are empty at times. You are not. I never leave you empty-handed.

When you offer up each moment of life as worship to Me, I pour out My soothing love ... love you now have to share with others.

When you offer up your heartache, you open up your heart to receive My fresh release of comfort ... comfort you can extend to others.

When you offer up your loss, I wrap you in My blanket of peace ... one you can use to share with others.

I catch every tear you shed and hold them close. I am right here. I will not leave you.

I am the One who designed your tender heart. I am the One who will walk you through this time of loss, grief, and pain. Don’t hold in what you are feeling. I gave you those emotions to help you process through it.

My love for you is constant. I will not leave you empty-hearted.

Nor will I leave you empty-handed.

All My Love, Jesus

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