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Precious One,

Not for a moment, did I take My eyes off you. Not for a moment, did I turn My back and walk away.

I know you don't understand why it all happened. I don't expect you too. The world is full of both good and evil. The choices of others have an impact on you. To understand it all, would be too much for you.

Even though you don't understand, will you trust Me?

Will you trust My love for you? Will you trust My ability to redeem all things? My desire to bring beauty from ashes?

Dear one, there is not one thing you go through that I cannot redeem. There is not one hurt that I cannot heal. There is not one path you go down, where I cannot be found.

Before you were born, I was there. I'm still here ... loving you, watching over you, caring what happens to you. When you cry, I cry with you, praying that you feel My Presence close by your side.

Not for a moment did I leave you as you felt that heartache, experienced that trauma, felt that grief as you walked through the valley of the shadow of death. No, not for a moment have I been apart from you.

I'm here right now. Breathe in a deep breath ... that's it. Slowly, let it out. Close your eyes, and see Me in your mind ... your Savior is standing in front of you. My arms open. Come, walk into them. Feel My love surround you and let My peace envelop you.

Rest assured, not for a moment will I walk away. I will always be here ... with you.

All My Love,


"I will be with you; I will never leave you nor forsake you."

Joshua 1:5b (NIV)

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