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Do you feel it?

Do you feel the moving, the shifting?

Do you feel the once tightly packed soil keeping things securely in place now being loosened?

Beloved, don't be afraid of the loosening. Trust Me. Trust that I know the season, the time, the place, and the reason for it. Trust that I am good and nothing I do is random.

What if ... the loosening that you are uncomfortable with is what will bring you into more freedom and cause you to grow?

When the soil is loose, I'm able to pull out that which doesn't belong. It would be of no benefit to you if I cut off the top of a weed deeply rooted and left its roots; it would simply grow back taking up more room in your soul. Loosening allows that which is not good to be completely taken out and good to be planted in its place.

Loosening also allows for movement. It gives Me space to lift you and your roots out of your current container and transplant you into another area for your roots to grow deeper, stronger, farther. It gives you the opportunity to experience different soil; soil infused with nutrients you need for your new season.

Don't fear the loosening, dear one, embrace it.

In doing so, you are embracing Me and a better you.

Your Gardner, Jesus

Prayer: Jesus, thank you for loving me and knowing when it is time to loosen that which is tightly packed. I trust you and give you permission to loosen that which needs loosened so that you can do a greater work in my heart and in my life. Amen.

Still other seeds fell on fertile soil, and they produced a crop that was thirty, sixty, and even a hundred times as much as had been planted! Matthew 13:8

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