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You have permission to let go. Let go of your worries, your concerns, your anxious thoughts. You have permission to let go of what you know and receive afresh from Me.

You have permission to step outside. Step outside the lines of preconceived notions. Turn off your thinking that connecting with My heart has to look or be a certain way.

You have permission to be. Simply be--without performing, without striving, without earning. Just be you; be the person I created you to be.

You have permission to worship. Worship and enter into the freedom of worship that is already deep within you. As you worship Me with all your heart and soul, you will be touched and transformed by My love and My glory.

You have permission. Will you permit yourself to let go, to be, to worship, to rest, and to receive?

Give yourself permission, child. I am a good Father and will give abundantly more than you need.

Your Creator,


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