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Our story, yours and Mine, is a beautiful journey that has been unfolding over time. Through the years, you've come to understand more of My heart and experienced more of My love. You know I am faithful. You know I am true. I am unchanging; I will continue to be your anchor and the One who holds you close.

I am love and will always love you; no strings attached, without question.

I loved you before time. I loved you before your first breath, before your first cry, before your first smile, before your first choice, before your first mistake, before your first question. Yes, I know there are times when you have questions. Asking questions is not wrong as the answers can help you learn, understand, and grow. So what do you do when you have questions without answers? The big, life-altering questions to which I alone have the answers?

Beloved, don't let the unanswered questions become your focus. Lay those questions at My feet and trust Me with each one. Run into My arms, believing that I love you and will take care of you. Receive My love that is continually poured out for you.

Trust My love for you ... no strings attached, without question.

Forever yours,


Prayer: Jesus, I have some big unanswered questions right now. Help Me trust you with each one. Fill me with your peace as I surrender them to you and focus on you, the One who loves Me without question.

Verse: And so we know and rely on the love God has for us. God is love. Whoever lives in love lives in God, and God in them. I John 4:16

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