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This week in the Secret Place, I invite you to sit️ with Me and dream. Get out paper and pen and write out the passion that is burning deep inside of you. Let it flow out of you, covering the pages of your destiny until it becomes a vision that you can see and touch. Write without limits. Write the dream knowing that I AM a limitless God and have all the resources, timing, and strategies to bring it about. I AM the Way Maker, Divine Connector, and I have heavenly support assigned to your dream. I AM the Dreamer who started it all.

You started as a dream deep within My heart. I created you in My nature with an inherent ability to dream. The dream needs to come forth. The vision is the solution to someone’s prayer.

The vision will come from within you and bring you to life. It will strengthen your connection to Me as you trust Me, the limitless One, to bring about its full completion. This dream gives you direction, purpose, and joy. It’s time to pen the dream. It’s time to bring it forth into the light where it is plain for you to see. It’s time for you to step forth into your dream ... and your destiny. Your Dream Giver, God Prayer: God, Thank you for creating me in your image with the inherent ability to dream with you. As I sit and write, let the passion deep within me flow up and out until I can plainly see️ the vision coming forth. Give me faith to believe what I am seeing and the courage to take the first step into it. Scripture: “Write the vision; make it plain on tablets, so he may run who reads it.” Habakkuk 2:2 (ESV)

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