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Hello dear one,

When I look at you, I feel so much joy! When I hear you laugh, I stop what I'm doing and smile.

I love who you are right now and who you are becoming. Every day, you are letting my love change you a little more.

Yes, I know it isn't easy at times. The problems you see around you.

The daily struggles, the finances. The weariness from trying so hard to make it all work.

I write this note to invite you to give it all to Me. Every concern, every fear, every anxious thought.

It's a choice. To hold onto it yourself or give it to Me and let Me work it out for the good of those who love Me.

This week, focus on Me, your lifeline. Practice giving everything to Me and trusting Me.

For I see the big picture. I have a heavenly perspective. My arms are open wide. Walk into them and tell Me everything.

All my love,

Papa God

(c) 2017 Sparkling Brooks

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