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My child,

Thank you for inviting Me into your life. For allowing Me to be the One who brings rest to your weary soul and comfort to your hurting heart.

I'm still here. You're not alone. The great I AM is here listening and responding. Although you may not always see Me, rest assured, I always see you.

I know how you are feeling right now. I hear the cries of your heart. I catch all of your tears. I AM the One who is holding you when your world is falling apart.

I AM the One in whom you can trust. In whom you can rest. Be still and know that I AM your God.

Let Me remind you that I AM the One who turns hearts back towards Me. I AM the One who speaks life into what you see as hopeless.

Join Me in declaring life over yourself and over your circumstances. Speak life in the morning, life at noon, and life in the evening.

You will be okay. I've got you. I'm holding you.

I am speaking life, life, life over you.

All My love,

Papa God

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