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#lovenotesfromheaven was birthed from time spent in the secret place. In the stillness, listening, pondering, and writing what I heard in my heart.

It's here, in the stillness, that I stopped striving to do and learned to simply be. These love notes aren't just for me. They're for all of us.

I invite you to join me in the stillness. For it's in that place that our hearts and minds find a quiet place to rest. It's here, we slow down and make room for words of love and truth.

Truth we may miss unless we make a choice to be quiet.

We don't rush it. We give it time. We give Him time. We give us time, together.

Every week, a new love note from heaven arrives.

When it does, join me in pausing, listening, and pondering.

Read it each day that week. Meditate on it and give it space and time to take root.

Let His words of love, truth, and encouragement become part of you. Refresh you, and uplift you.

He is Love. He is Hope. He is for you.

He is there, waiting for each of us, in the stillness.


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