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Hello My Child,

I've seen your long face and noticed that frown. I know it has been hard lately. You have a lot of responsibilities and not a lot of downtime.

May I remind you that I AM is here. And, I, the Holder of the universe, the Holder of your life and all that is in it, invite you to lay down the weight of heaviness you have been carrying.

Trust Me. I will take care of it. I give you permission to leave it and come away with Me. It's time you had some "us" time. Come away and dance with Me.

Yes, you heard right, dance!

Trust me. I know what you need, and it's the perfect time to dance. Stay in step and follow My lead. We'll dance with joy over the stormy waters of discouragement and despair. Together, we'll dance safely to the other side, dancing to the rhythm of God's heart. To the melody He is singing over you.

Don't worry about a fancy outfit or the perfect pair of shoes. I have everything you need! Hurry, I'm waiting with anticipation.

Come away and dance with Me.

All My love,


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