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My Dear One,

Why do you run around looking for Me?

I'm here, in the stillness. I'm here waiting, waiting for you.

Come. Rest from your chasing. Rest from your searching. Rest from your striving. Stop the doing, and sit with Me.

Take some deep breaths and relax. I have what you need. Here, in the quietness of My love. Here, in the peace of My presence.

Nothing can come close to what I can give you. Rest and let Me show you the Mother's heart of God. Let Me care for you. Let Me nurture you. Allow Me to tend to your hurts.

Let Me tell you how special you are. I know for I created you, My masterpiece. Trust Me. Trust that I know what you need. Let Me fill your mind with life-giving thoughts. Let Me fill you with My strength and give you words of wisdom.

Please, come sit with Me.

Rest and be still. I love you.

I have everything you need.

All My love,


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