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Change is hard, isn’t it?

I know you struggle with change, and I'm asking you to trust me ... again. I'm asking you to let go of what you know, and let Me move you forward.

I know it can be frightening for you. But for Me to take you from here to there, some changes need to happen. Don't be scared or anxious; when I am the Author of your story, you can anticipate a breakthrough, a new chapter, with excitement, adventure, and trust.

Child, I love you far too much, and my plans are far too great, to keep you just in the place you are now. This world needs your presence in it. For you carry my Spirit within you, therefore, where you go, so do I. Whoever is near you, sees glimpses of Me.

I have much to show and teach you. So, trust child. I am taking your future hopes and dreams, and weaving them into your current story. I am ushering you further into your purpose, making all your experiences work together for good.

Yes change is hard, but it's what moves you forward.

Grab my hand, take a step. Let’s keep walking. Let's keep talking.

I want to tell you about the new thing I am doing.

All My love,


See, I am doing a new thing. It is springing up. Do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland. Isaiah 43:19

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