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My Child,

Thank you for reading My love notes, for sharing your heart, and for listening to mine. It means a lot to Me that you are taking the time to get to know Me. So many don't. Some say it's because they're too busy or their life is too full. Some have the wrong perception of Me and let fear stand in the way. Some think I'm mad at them or disappointed. Some feel that they are undeserving of My love and My attention. Others keep trying to clean themselves up before coming to Me.

Oh, how I desire that everyone know the truth.

The truth of My love that says I want you, just as you are. The truth that says My love is unconditional. The truth that shouts, there is no mistake that you have made that is bigger than My grace.

My love and My forgiveness are always there for you, regardless of what you do or where you are. I long to help you, and to guide you. I AM the light. Take My hand and walk close to Me. When the raging waters start to rise, I will carry you; My Presence goes with you.

I AM a good Father who cares for you and your future. Don't be scared. Never run and hide. Come, seek My face in the stillness. Run to Me. My arms will hold you. My love will surround you. My voice will comfort you. My truth will guide you.

My child, I am always here for you. Run to Me ... just as you are.

Your Heavenly Father,


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