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Why do you doubt Me?

It's quite a silly thing, when you think about it, to doubt the One who created the entire universe. Whose air is in your lungs.

I know you love me and your intentions are pure. Yet, I see the mists of doubt still swirling in your heart. I see the disruption of your peace. Oh child, have faith in My love for you, have faith in My goodness. Have you seen my hand prints in the past? Do you remember my goodness and faithfulness to you? I was and still am, with you.

I'm safe. What you are afraid to let go of, release it to Me. For I see the future and it is more than you can dream. It is big, and it is good. Yes, the mountains to get there are big too. Climbing may not be easy. It may cause you some sweat and some pain. Some scrapes and some calluses. But I AM goes with you.

The promised land is yours. Walk with Me into it. Remember, I am larger than every mountain, every circumstance, and every opposition. I have no equal, and I reign and watch over you.

So dear one, silence the doubt and take My hand in faith. You can trust me with heart, and with your dreams.

I am faithful, and my love is gentle.

Take a step of faith with Me.

All My love,


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