Hello My child,

It's time. Time to get up. Time to move forward. Time to get unstuck from this place in which you've stopped. Time to take a step closer to your destiny.

Take My hand. Let Me help you to your feet. Come, walk with Me; I want to be part of your beautiful journey. I'm strong. Give Me that heavy bag and let Me lighten your load. It'll be easier for you. We'll cover more ground when you aren't so weighed down. There, isn't that better?

Come this way. Yes, I know there isn't a path there. Trust Me. You are with Me. I will walk before you and prepare the way.

There's a special place I want to show you off the beaten path. A place where the waterfalls cascade into a pool of My glory. Where the water is clear and refreshes your soul. A place where you are free to be you and express yourself. A place where you are safe to run, jump, dance, sing, yell, cry. I want you to be fully alive, with Me.

I find such great delight in you. Let go and dive in. Dive into My love. Dive into the water and let it wash over you, cleanse you, and fill you with everything you need.

Everything you need for your journey.

Your journey forward with Me.

All My love,


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