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Dear Child,

I know you need to hear this today. Read it aloud and believe it. Read it a hundred times if you must, until both your heart and your mind begin to understand its truth.

You are wonderfully made.

Say it aloud, "I am wonderfully made."

When the enemy comes whispering lies in your ear that you don't measure up or you are different or unlovable, declare what I say. I know the truth because I AM the Truth. I created you with beauty, with intention, and intricacy. I knew exactly what I was doing even if it sometimes feels like I may have gotten it wrong.

I didn't. I gave you your sensitive heart so that your authentic love can be seen. People feel the tenderness inside you, and you become a safe place for them. When they trust you, it opens the door for you to lead them to Me, into My arms.

Yes, there are times your tender heart will be wounded. Bring your hurts and heart to Me. Let Me, the One who gave you your heart, tend it with care. Let Me heal it and make it whole again. I am the binder of the brokenhearted. I know what you need because I know who you are.

Embrace the truth and focus on who I say you are.

I breathed life into you and created you with purpose and intention. You are a daughter of the King. I uphold you with My righteous right hand. I love you. I value you. I say you are worthy. In Me, you are perfect.

You, my child, are wonderfully made.

All My love,


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