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Why are you crying? Who is it you're looking for?

I am not there. I am here. I am with you. Look with the eyes of your heart. Do you see Me? Do you hear Me saying your name?

I AM the Overcomer of death. I AM your risen Savior. I AM the One who walked into the darkness and took back the keys; keys to your heart, keys to your freedom, keys to your life.

My resurrection proves who I say I AM. I AM Life, and I AM the Giver of Life.

Those places you thought dead and dormant, I can breathe life into them. Bring every place to Me. Trust Me to know what needs to stay dead and what I need to breathe life into. Let Me, the Giver and Sustainer of Life, breathe life into your heart, your mind, your soul. Let Me revive what has been crushed under the weight of sadness and grief. Let Me bring forth the dreams and seeds of fruitfulness I have planted in you.

In the stillness, give it all to Me and see where I will bring forth life.

In the stillness, remember. Death does not hold Me. You do. Just as I hold onto you.

My child, I am with you.

Hold onto Me. Hold onto Life.

All My love,


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