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Child, My heart and arms are always open. Open for you to run in and tell me all about your day. I love to celebrate with you, hear your heart when you’re upset, and help you sort things out when things seem unclear.

Child, I long to connect with you throughout your day. I understand your life is busy. Please, don’t let distance come between us. The distance can lead to drifting. Drifting can lead to disconnection. Disconnection can lead to unrest. Unrest can lead to wondering; wondering if I have forgotten you, wondering where you lost your peace, wondering how we got so far apart. So how do you reconnect?

Child, it’s easy. Just run back into My open arms. Run back, and let Me celebrate that you have reconnected your heart to Mine. Let Me shower you with grace, love, mercy, and compassion. Let Me assure you; you never left My sight, for you never left My heart.

Child, in My arms, you are right where you belong. Here, snuggled close, where you can hear Me sing songs of affirmation. I am your Heavenly Father, and you are My child. A child in whom My heart delights.

Your proud Heavenly Father,

Papa God

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