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Dear One,

I know the questioning in your heart. The wondering that you think has led to wandering. Yes, I know it sometimes seems like you are wandering in the wilderness and that you have somehow lost your way.

Child, you are never lost when you're with Me.

Put all your fears to rest. You are right where you're supposed to be. I am here guiding your steps ... just as I guided the steps of My children thousands of years ago as they journeyed from Egypt into their promised land. I didn't leave them in the wilderness by themselves. No, I was with them every single step of the way.

I was not in a rush to get them from Point A to Point B. And just like with them; I enjoy spending time with you, as we journey what may seem to you "the long way" there.

As we travel, I long to show you the beauty in the wilderness. Here is where you become more attuned to My voice, and learn more of My nature and My ways. Here you see My Presence at work in you, around you, and through you. Here, is where you realize My goodness as I rain down manna from heaven and provide for your needs.

Here, in the wilderness, I become the One you lean on, as I am the Light that guides your path through the darkness. I am the One who gives you shade from the heat of the day. Here, I refresh you from My streams of Living Water.

Yes, there is beauty here in the wilderness, in the journey ... and in you.



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