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Close your eyes child, and breathe in My love. Breathe in My goodness.

For I AM love, and I AM good.

I invite you to be part of something beautiful, a great exchange.

To do so, will require you to let go of some things; mindsets, hurts, feelings, emotions, guilt, shame, anger, disappointment ... anything that is keeping you from experiencing all of Me. It is important that you let go. When you release it to Me, you make room for what I have to give you in its place. Something better. Something wonderful.

Oh dear one, trust who I AM and My love for you. Give Me your pain, your insecurities, the worries that you carry. Give me everything that is contradictory to My love. When you give it to Me, I will fill those places in your heart, your mind, your body, and your life with more of Myself. My heart burns with love for you child, and I desire for you to walk in wholeness. Let Me exchange what is weighing you down with who I AM.

You can do it. I have faith in you.

Release it all to Me, for you were not meant to carry that inside of you.

That's it, give it to Me. I've got it, and I've got you.

Now, receive what I offer. Breathe in My goodness, My Healing Balm, My Peace, My Acceptance, My Hope, My Presence, My Comfort, and My Love.

Breathe deep, child.

Rest in who I AM. Walk in the confidence of who I AM in you.

I AM love, and I AM good.

All My Love,

Papa (God)

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