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Dear One,

As you furrow your brow wondering if you should have done something better, I'm busy reviewing all the times you delighted My heart.

Take My hand and let me show you some of the favorite moments I've put in My Highlight Reel. See this one? It's the time you smiled at a stranger. You didn't know it, but you were the only person who noticed her that day. It was the same moment she was asking Me if she mattered. You were her answer from Me.

And this one ... the time you quietly whispered a prayer over a frustrated mother of three standing in the checkout line at the grocery store. You prayed peace for her tattered heart and her children's sleep. That was the same prayer she lifted up to Me as she tucked her little ones in that night, just her ... all alone. That evening, her children slept through the night as she cried herself to sleep. She didn't see Me through the tears, but I was there holding her hand.

Here's the time you stepped out in faith to go down a new path with Me. That first step was a big one, and all of Heaven clapped.

And this collection! One of My favorites ... the times you shared about our relationship with your family, friends, and strangers. You helped draw them closer to Me.

Are you starting to see the big picture? There is nothing in My Highlight Reel titled, "Things You Should Have Done Better."

Keep taking My hand, receiving My grace, and focusing on what matters ... all the moments, hand-in-hand, with Me.

All My Love, Jesus

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