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My Precious One,

This day. This hour. This minute. Rejoice and be glad in it for I have made you in My image - Imago Dei.

When I look at you, I see a reflection of Myself. My child in whom I delight and celebrate with shouts of joy. Yes, I delight in you. I sing and rejoice that you are in My Family!

My heart overflows when you invite me to spend quality time with you. Today, I invite you to "be." Just be ... with Me. Sit with Me and enjoy My Presence.

Breathe in My love, exhale My glory.

Continue, child, to tune your heart to receive jubilant expressions of My love, peace, and joy. Let My love fill you to overflowing. A love that is reflected in your beautiful smile and the sparkle in your eyes. A love that reflects My glory.

It's a love that fills the deepest longings of your soul. It's a love that is pure and holy. It's a love that awakens your heart to see the hurting world around you. I want others to experience My love too. Invite them to come with you.

Into My embrace. Into My arms. Into the celebration.

All My Love,

Papa God

The Lord your God among you is powerful— he will save and he will take joyful delight in you. In his love he will renew you with his love; he will celebrate with singing because of you. Zephaniah 3:17 (ISV)

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