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Brave One,

I'm extending an invitation to you today. An invitation to pack your bags-all of them-and come with Me on a journey. It's okay; I'll help you carry your heavy load; you'll need Me to help as we are going on a road that is not frequently traveled.

Don't spend weeks buying new things for your journey. Just pack all that you have and come as you are. I'll have what you need to hike the mountains, swim the waters, and walk through the valleys. Yes, on this journey, there will be some mountains and valleys, but remember, you have Me to lead you.

There will be times when you will want to stop, turn back, or even rush ahead. When those moments come, simply put your hand in Mine and stay in step with Me. There will be times of heart-to-heart talks, solitude, laughter, crying, and because I know you so well, probably some whining along the way. It's okay. I love all of you.

This road is not one to be traveled alone. This journey is one you travel with Me. Don't be afraid. I wouldn't invite you on this journey if I didn't think you were ready. I pray you'll accept My invitation and get those bags packed.

It only takes a few steps to start — a step of faith and a step of trust.

I'll be waiting,


"Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest." Matthew 11:28

Prayer: Jesus, thank you for the invitation to pack all of my bags and take a journey with you. I pray that you will give me the peace to pack ALL of my bags and the courage to take the first few steps to start - a step of faith and a step of trust. Amen.

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