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Dear One,

Thank you for taking this journey with Me — this journey of love. Thank you for taking My hand and letting Me bring you closer. As I lead you closer into the depths of My heart, I lead you out of that which holds you back.

My love for you cannot be measured by the world's standards. There is no measure. There is no rival. There is no equal to My love or its power to transform you and the world around you.

My love does not disappoint. My love pulls all of you in and transforms you. The power of My love transforms your heart, your mind, your will, and your emotions. My love transforms hate into love, fear into courage, anxiety into peace, sickness into wholeness.

My love envelopes you and all that is not of you. As I lead you deeper into My love, all that doesn't belong loses its hold as My passion and love consume it all.

My love is a safe place of shelter — a safe place for healing. My love binds up your wounds, heals your heart and body, and restores that which was stolen and lost.

My love shakes loose that which weighs you down. It gives you hope, lifts you up, and seats you next to Me. My love never gives up on you and believes the best of you.

That is the power of My love.

My love for you.

Your Beloved,


Prayer: Jesus, thank you for your love. Thank you that you draw me near and pull me into the depths of your heart. Give me the courage to not pull back. Give me the courage to trust you with everything in me and in my life. I want your love to consume all of me ... all that I am and all that I am not. Amen

Let your love and steadfast kindness overshadow us continually, for we trust and we wait upon you! Psalm 33:22 (TPT)

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