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Yes, I still see you standing in the hallway of transition. I know you are very uncomfortable there, and you are tired of waiting. There aren’t any windows for you to get a good view, yet you stay in faith knowing that I have drawn you️ here.

You could let your uncomfortableness turn into impatience, yet you choose to invite Me into that narrow space knowing that I am not One to waste a time or place.

As we sit here in the hallway, your spirit️ drawn to Mine, ask me the questions I have put in your heart.

Jesus, who do you want to be for Me in this hallway of transition?

Am I holding onto anything of the old that I need to lay down at your feet?

Is there anyone I need to forgive so that I can walk into the new space un-encumbered by offense?

Is there a disappointment that I need to let go of?

Is there a new mindset needed for the next season?

Beloved, let this time of transition be a time of reflection. Let this time in the hallway prepare you for what is just ahead with Me.

All in for you,





  1. the process or a period of changing from one state or condition to another.

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