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My Child,

I'm right here. Your Heavenly Father, delighting in you, smiling at you, singing over you. When I look into your eyes, I see My Spirit. How can I not help but love you completely? I created you in love to be loved!

When I hear you whisper My name, My heart is instantly drawn to yours. You are My precious child, and I am your Father. It brings My heart great joy to hear your voice. Oh child, draw near to Me. Come sit in My lap. You are welcome anytime, day and night.

I always have time for you. When you come, don't hold back. Come just as you are. Come in spirit and truth. Don't be afraid, or think you have to get yourself cleaned up or things sorted out first. I love being in the middle of it all with you!

Bring it all to Me. Bring Me your praises of thankfulness for what I have already done. Bring me your thoughts, your questions, your concerns, your prayers, your current struggles, and all your fears ... bring Me everything. Nothing is too small, or too big, for us together.

Come to Me, your Father, with expectancy and see what will unfold. See how our relationship flourishes and grows. See how you begin to trust Me more as you better understand My heart and My good intentions towards you.

Come, My child. Draw near to Me. My arms are open, waiting for you.

Your Heavenly Father,


Draw near to God, and He will draw near to you. James 4:8

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