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My Child,

Where are you going? What are you doing? Why are you running into busyness when your soul needs rest? Why are you letting distractions mandate the hours in your day? Why are you grabbing onto earthly things like they will satisfy and save you? They won't.

I will.

I will give you peace when you are anxious. I will soothe your tired soul. I will heal your hurting heart. I will provide for all your needs. I will love you, completely. Come, I am waiting for you to be still and know that I AM all you need.

Don't let circumstances steal your time away from Me, your Source and Truth. I AM where you need to be. Come and sit with Me. Ask Me what is worth or not worth doing. It may surprise you what I find of value ... Me with you, you with others, building relationships, enjoying the beauty of My creation ... the sun dancing on the water, the fragrance of a flower, the laughter of a child, a prayer.

Finding delight in the simple isn't complicated. But to do so will require you to take the slow lane, re-prioritize, and choose a different cadence in your step. It's a choice you'll have to make. To stop doing some things and simplify. To simply let go of what you think is important and trust Me to know what is best.

Come. I AM waiting to share the simple with you.

I AM where you need to be.

All My love,


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