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Hello my child,

Something New is Springing Forth!

Can you feel it? The anticipation of something wonderful? It’s in the air; even the birds are singing a new song.

Fresh rain is falling on the ground watering the flowers ready to burst forth in color. It’s a new season; it’s a new day!

What you thought was dead and dormant is springing forth, into life, into beauty. The hard work of waiting is over. That idea, that dream, the one you thought was dead or seemed impossible, the dream you didn’t even realize you had until now; I placed that longing deep inside of you. I have been watching over it, and it has been pushing its way to the light.

To the light at the top where it can breathe, and grow, and flourish.

In the stillness, give it room to come forth. Talk to Me about it, ask Me questions, share with Me your feelings and thoughts. I am excited to hear them and share mine with you. I'm looking forward to telling you about the seed I planted in you before you were ever born.

Come, be with me. I am here for you.

I am here watching the seed break through, out of the darkness, out of the doubt.

Into the light of My truth and My purpose.

All My love,

Papa God

© 2017 Sparkling Brooks

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