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Hello dear one,

It's my joy to write this love note to you; just as it was My joy to lay Myself down on the cross for you. Willingly, I stretched out My arms as a sign that they are forever open to you.

You, the joy set before Me, gave Me the strength to endure; all the pain, all the suffering. Your healing was worth every beating, every lash of the whip. Your freedom was worth every drop of My blood. Your honor was worth every bit of shame scorned on the cross.

I made the choice and came to earth. My choice, My death was worth tearing down the great divide that separated you from God. I took everything you deserved upon Myself. It was a good choice, the right choice.

I made My choice to give you My all so you can make the choice to receive My all.

It's a gift. It's the great exchange.

Invite Me into your heart, and receive My gift of redemption. Step fully into My grace and receive My full forgiveness. When you step in with child-like faith, you become part of God's family, My family.

My arms are always open, waiting for My beloved, waiting for you.

You, the one who is worth all My love.

You, the one who is worth all My blood.

You are My choice.

Am I yours?

All My love,


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