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My Beloved,

Lift your head. Keep the faith. I'm not going to let you down. I hear you, and I'm coming.

Even now, I'm riding into battle to rescue you. There is no power or circumstance that will keep Me from coming for you. I will go anywhere to reach you, to save you. I will go down into the deepest pit of depression and bring you out. I will walk into the prison and unlock the doors and chains. I will carry you up and place you in the shelter of the Almighty. I will fight back the darkness that is threatening to make its way into your soul.

I AM your Deliverer. I always have been. I chose to come and die for you and your freedom. If you were the only one on earth, I'd make the same choice; to lay down my life for yours. That is how much I love you. How much I value you and believe that you are of great worth. You living in total freedom is My choice for you. Until you are completely free, I AM will continue to fight for you.

The enemy wants to keep you locked up in lies and memories of the past. He tries to wound you with thoughts of self-rejection. He doesn't think I've heard the faintest whisper from your heart, the one that cries, "Please come, please help me."

I hear. Lift your head. Keep the faith.

The great I AM is coming. Your Deliverer is drawing near.

All My Love,


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