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I see your tender heart, and I see the hurtful mark left behind by the unkind words of another. I see you struggling with your thoughts as the enemy whispers lies about your worth.

This love note is to assure you that you are of great worth and you are worth My all.

You are worth all My love. You are worth all My attention. You are worth all My truth. You are worth all My heart.

You are worth My only Son.

You are worth every drop of blood Jesus shed for you on the cross.

You are worth being forgiven. You are worth all the dreams and plans I have for you.

Don't listen to the lies. Listen to Me. Listen to the voice of truth. I will tell you who you are. I will speak what is true.

Focus on Me. My words. My promises. My truth. Allow Me to heal and erase the marks left by others. Let Me write the truth upon your heart.

You are of great worth. You are worth My all.

All Our Love,

Papa God & Jesus

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